Hello, I'm Elaine.

I am a user experience designer, specializing in digital UX and product strategy.

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Co-Founder, UX designer
Jan 2016 – Present

I’m one of the three founders of Fabrica Collective, a New York-based creative collective focused on providing digital strategies, design and development for small to medium size businesses. Our projects span from designing and developing websites, to prototypes and applications.


I provide hands-on leadership to shape the direction of digital products for our clients. For the most part, I spend my time working on the design concepts, page layouts, prototype screens, user journeys and flows, site diagrams, maps and functional annotations.

For the websites, I also work on the development, SEO and optimization process. 

As a business co-owner I also take part of the new business initiatives. Providing insights for our clients, developing proposals, snapshots of competitive analysis and identifying opportunities to shape their products.

We decided to create Fabrica Collective because ex-colleagues and friends were interested on developing their own apps or rebranding their companies. Our first project was our own proprietary app, Pundit Club.
We knew the process and had learned from our success and mistakes along the way.
This has helped us make better decisions and provide much more value to our clients.


Rennicke & Associates

Created their Digital Strategy, Branding, Website, Org website, and Newsletter Template View site | View .org site

Back Roads Entertainment

Created their Digital Strategy, Branding, Website View site


Created their Digital Strategy, Branding, E-Commerce Website View site

Pundit Club

Designed and Launched the Pundit Club Mobile iOS app. Worked on the following: Discovery, Use cases, Design, Prototype, Production collaborated with dev team in India. View site

Cirkularis 8

Desktop Application Design from Discovery, Use cases, Design and Prototype.

Jane Algus

Digital Strategy, Branding and Website


Interaction designer level IV
Jun 2014 – Dec 2015

I worked as a User Experience Designer, level IV working on the DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) division. We refined next gen products on the ad exchange ecosystem. Native Ads, Live Video Ads and a Marketplace for Publishers were some of the products I collaborated on.

Since October 2018, DoubleClick for publishers is now called Google Ad Manager.


I lead the design aspect of the products I worked on, created use cases, flows and screen designs. I partnered with a User Experience Researcher on creating the personas and the testing protocols.

I also worked closely with the project manager, (owns the product from a business stand point) and an engineer (owns the product from the technical side) who would develop the build strategy.

As part of the Google UX team I was in touch with colleagues and exchanged ideas on solving different solutions, gathering insights on each product’s history and how to unify our methodologies, presentations and workflows.

Selected Products

DFP native ads

Designing the next generation of how to create a native ad for publishers. The process included different formats, variables to track, content and main settings.

DFP Live video ads

Designing the next generation of  ads on live video. The project included the simplification on how to fill in ads and how to track their performance.


Designing a beta product that promised planning and buying inventory in one place.  By purchasing inventory from many publishers, Google can divide and repackage the inventory to satisfy the specific needs of advertisers on a guaranteed basis.


Experience Design Lead
May 2012 – May 2014

Recruited by CXO, my former Sapient Manager as first team hire to create an Experience Design practice and integrate it into traditional advertising teams. 
At that time, McCann’s CEO was Hank Summy an ex-Sapient colleague. I was honored to be hand chosen to join the team.


For the most part, I was the go- to person on User Experience for McCann New York. I worked close to the strategy, social media and creative technology teams.

I developed mainly documentation related to marketing opportunities such as  incredibly detailed consumer journeys, persona development and research documentation including interviews.

I also developed wireframes for marketing sites and collaborated with the creatives (copyrighters and designers) on selecting the content.

Selected Work

Transcontinental flight research

Interviewed the frequent transcontinental flyers to determine key characteristics and interests and key targeting opportunities.

Food Network Digital ecosystem

Proposed a methodology on orchestrating the entire ecosystem of the Food Network brand – straddling both digital and on-air entities to drive audience engagement and viewership.

General Mills Journeys & personas

Provided key persona characteristics,  social strategies and opportunities aligned to some General Mills brands.

Hello Cereal Lovers Campaign

Part of the core team designing the Hello Cereal Lovers campaign. We created a website and a social media strategy.


Senior UX Designer
Aug 2010 – May 2012

Worked as a user experience consultant at Adobe consulting customizing Adobe products for Fortune 1000 companies. 


For the most part, I focused on creating vision prototypes offering the right solution for our enterprise clients.

Each project would start with a discovery phase in order to understand their current situation. Sometimes that meant exploring their current applications and in other occasions visiting their offices and shadowing them through the day. This phase identified the main problems and  provided material to support the design implementation.

The design phase  included, use cases, persona creation, story boards, wireframes and design. I collaborated closely with a project manager that would present the business case and a developer that would build the prototype and provide guidance on technical aspects.

Our UX team was nimble and efficient we all worked independently and were responsable of our projects. We had weekly meetings to share ideas and our work status.

Selected Products

TMobile Quickview

Designed a CRM to enable T-Mobile to interact with customers with an easy to use, powerful & customer focused application in order to reduce initial training time and eliminate new release trainings.


Part of the core team that participated on the Health Insurance Exchanges pitch during Obama’s tenure. I was responsable for developing the flows, diagrams and wireframes.


This project was not a prototype, our client wanted to expand the features of their application. This system digitalized clinical trials integrating lifecycle and PDF . Doctors, Nurses, Pharma Companies and Analysts would track different views of the data.


Created a time and allocation tool from scratch for our consulting team. A new adobe product! I collaborated with  a project manager and developer.



Manager Information Architect
Feb 2007 – Aug 2010

Joined Sapient our my interest to work directly with clients on creating business solutions rather than focusing on advertising their products. At that time, Sapient focused on a mix between time and deliverable and agile consulting projects.


I worked on a traditional consultant style working closely with clients gathering information and insights from workshops,  interviews and working in their offices.

I was part of the workshop facilitators and Sapient had a signature style on conducting them. We focused on gathering insights and gaining consensus from our participants in order for them to feel part of the project and therefore adopt the change.

The solution for each project varied depending on the RFP. Sometimes the solution was based on strategy and research and sometimes on developing a solution. 

The deliverables I worked on included, use cases, persona creation, story boards, sitemaps and wireframes. I collaborated closely with other information architects, designers, tech leads and business consultants.

I worked on some Media and Publishing  websites that I was recognized as the SME (Subject Matter Expert) on the field.

Selected Work

WSJ Redesign

First digital redesign for WSJ.com since inception. Main objectives included a pay wall experience, change perception that they only provide business news, build a modular system that can easily adapt for change.

HGTV Redesign

One of the first site’s to include the creation of topic pages “on the fly”. Part of the core team that designed the new concept and system rules. Created the main wireframes and sitemap.

John Deere Global Strategy

A project that defined a consistent global Internet presence that was relevant and created value for customers, partners, and John Deere. Deliverables included company’s digital organization, use cases, a detailed competitive analysis and a vision prototype.


Strategy project for DirectTV’s DORIS Knowledge Management system, the CRS  support site. UX goals included increasing the CSRs efficiency by providing the information they need at the right time based on their current call information and their user profile. In short efficient, fast, simple and reliable.